Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

DotA Theme Manager v5 | DTMV5

The DotA Theme Manager - in short: DTM - allows you to change the look of the terrain while still allowing you to play with people who do not use the DotA Theme Manager - on battle.net, garena, hamachi, just everywhere.

Multiple themes are available: Beach, Barrens, Snow, Hell, City and Highlands, all of them having a unique design!


  • added Highlands Theme.

  • added Synergy Theme "City"*.

  • adapted cliffs in Beach Theme to older changes to clifftypes.

  • UI-only-Themes can now be combined with any other Theme. Use the Terrain Theme first, then the UI-only-Theme.

  • added flush command to the scripts, preventing War3Patch.mpq from growing.

  • changed some details concerning file replacement to reduce the size and improve the performance of the DTM**

  • *) best used with the new command -terrain city2

  • **) using sylk tables for terrain texture replacements, simplified restoration process

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